Talking ‘Red Ruby’

Red Ruby premiers Monday, April 29th. Scroll to meet the actors and read what they had to say about filming Gen Z’s newest Vampire show!

What makes this show special?

Michael Campion: First of all we had so many talented actors on set. The show focuses on the humanity of vampires, and comes with a big message about love and caring for people who are different than you are.

Kristin Beckett: It’s a vampire show but in the age range for younger kids to appreciate, which is a cool concept.

Noa Drake: We haven’t seen a teen vampire drama done this way before. There’s a cool time travel element that creates a cool effect.

Ricky Garcia: The supernatural effects! But it’s also so much about humanity and how we’re all in this life together. It’s relevant to what’s going on in the world today. How can we help take care of mother earth together?

Ysa Penarejo: It’s something complertely different for Brat. There are vampires but they’re a lot younger than the vampire characters I’ve seen out there, which makes for a cool and interesting show!

Daniella Perkins: It’s very suspenseful and will always have you wondering what’s going to happen next! Kind of reminds me of Riverdale in that way.

Madisyn Shipman: Just the bond between all of us. It’s such an interesting show with the dynamic of Ruby and Theo getting close even though Ruby’s technically in her forties!

What’s your favorite memory from set?

Michael Campion: We were out at the Vazques rocks and Madisyn and I had to bike in rocky terrain and she fell on her face! I laughed so hard, but then later I ended up falling too.

Kristin Beckett: Probably the first scene we shot with everyone—we were joking around and having a good time, but also working really hard.

Noa Drake: Getting to meet everyone on the first day!

Ricky Garcia: All the times I was wearing my fangs and was in full vampire mode. It was so fun getting to dive into this character.

Ysa Penarejo: My character has a twin brother, and getting to work with someone who’s supposed to be my twin was really sick! In a good way.

Daniella Perkins: Maddie was riding a bike and we were all there watching just in time to see her tip over and fall so hard…it was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Madisyn Shipman: The bike! It was just so funny. We ended up having a lot of inside jokes throughout the whole show.

Do you have a favorite fictional vampire?

Michael Campion: Vadislav from What We Do In The Shadows!

Kristin Beckett: Elana or Damon from Vampire Diaries.

Noa Drake: I have a favorite character in the vampire realm and that is Van Helsing. As a kid I wanted to be a vampire hunter—now I get to play a vampire, so that’s cool!

Ricky Garcia: Edward Cullen.

Ysa Penarejo: Edward cullen. Classic icon.

Daniella Perkins: Probably Damon from Vampire Diaries. You hate him at first, then you love him… you know how you kind of end up loving the bad guy? Just like in real life.

Madisyn Shipman: Steffan and Damon from Vampire Diaries. Love them.

How are you most like your character?

Michael Campion:
I’m a lot like Theo. He’s a normal teenage boy, goes to school, he’s very clumsy, and I am too. He cares about other people and is just trying to do the right thing.

Kristin Beckett: My character, Anabel, is bold but kind of passive and I can relate to that. For example, she’ll ask a boy out but she’s nervous about it.

Noa Drake: Amber and I can both be kind of headstrong at times. If she wants soenthing she’ll do anything and everything to get it. I can relate to that. But she can get a little extreme in a way that I don’t.

Ricky Garcia: If I set my eyes on something that I want, I go for it.

Ysa Penarejo: Maizy and I look out for ones we love. She and her brother are really close. She fights for her family and friends.

Daniella Perkins: I don’t think I really am like Ruby! She’s been through a lot and is sad, whereas I try to be happy a lot of the time. Unlike me, she’s dealt with too much and she dwells on everything.

Madisyn Shipman: Flora and I both stick up for what we believe in, and we will express that to whoever will listen.

Watch the premier of Red Ruby on Monday, April 29th at 3PM—this is a show you can really sink your teeth into!