Annie LeBlanc: Rhyme's Diary Reboot Entry 6



Last week, I thought boys were over. I couldn’t take any of their drama anymore, and I was ready to move on from romance for good. Well, it turns out I was wrong. Not every boy is as bad as I thought, and it turns out that girls can be just as bad. Especially when it comes to lying.

First, there’s Ellie. Like I told you, she’s not the brand-new independent woman she claims to be. She’s been secretly dating Robby behind everyone’s back and lying about it. I finally confronted her at Rooney’s Sweet 16, and she barely even apologized. I don’t get it. There’s nothing wrong with her dating Robby. She can be an independent person and still be in a relationship, as long as he’s good to her, but I don’t get why she’d lie. We’ve been best friends for almost our entire lives. Since when did we start keeping big secrets from each other?

My fight with Ellie wasn’t the only confrontation at Rooney’s party. I got to see Kayla again (yay!) but I also had to see her be romantic with Flash with no knowledge of his Shortnite escapades (not yay). Using my newfound confidence, I told him - and Kayla - that I knew about his conversations with warriorprincess03. I hate to see Kayla unhappy, but she deserved to know the truth. I think we could all use a little more honesty in Attaway lately.

I can’t believe I saw Rooney and Drake kiss. I know I broke up with him, and I shouldn’t be mad, and I’m really not mad. I guess I’m just...disappointed. Rooney should’ve told me she liked him, and she would’ve gotten my blessing. I don’t know how to feel about it.

Here’s another thing I don’t know how to feel about: Ezra. Yes, I know, I said he was cancelled. But remember that other thing I said, about not every boy being as bad as I thought? Weirdly enough, he’s the boy I’m talking about (and, lately, the boy I’m thinking about a whole lot). Of everyone at Rooney’s party, Ezra was the one who was honest with me. He opened up about his family, and it explains a lot about why he wrote that Attaway Appeal article and why he ghosted me after spring break.

Ezra’s going through a lot right now, and he needs someone to be there for him. And maybe - just maybe - that someone is me. Wish me luck!