Indiana Massara Talks ‘Run You Down’


Run You Down is the theme song for Red Ruby, performed by Indiana Massara. Scroll for all she had to say about what this moody and mysterious song means to her:

What does this song mean to you?

I think it’s really cool that I was given this project by Brat. It’s a little different for Brat so it was a really enjoyable, new experience. I loved the idea of writing a theme song because you get to tell a little more of a detailed story in it than you would normally in an emotional song. 

What story does this song tell?

The song for me is an empowering one. We wrote it about somebody that was at the lowest point in their life because they had allowed somebody to put them there. This is a comeback, revival, rising-to-the-top type song.  

What do you hope fans get from the song/video?

It’s an important message that needs to be conveyed that no matter how low you are, and who puts you there, that you can always rise above it with your own strength. 

What was a challenge you faced while recording it?

Honestly we didn’t really face any challenges. It was such a positive experience and I think that the producer and the other writer and I just clicked.

What was the most fun part about recording this song?

Getting to play with different melodies and sounds and tones that I wasn’t used to expressing or showing.  This is such a cool, darker vibe for me, and experimenting was fun.

What were some inspirations for this song?

We had The Originals playing while writing the song, and we had a brief understanding of what Red Ruby was about, so we skewed the writing towards that. I looked towards Billie Eilish and Rhianna for this song because to me it needed that kind of edgy feel to it. 

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