Diana's Diary Reboot Entry 5


Dear Diary

Unfortunately, not much to report in the Miss Dawson revenge department. I thought I had the plan all figured out: Cassie and I would confront Jenna, Jenna would trust us and see the truth, and she’d help us take Miss Dawson down. Instead, I’m back to where I started. For the most part, anyway.

Like I said, things are changing. Something weird has been happening lately. The first thing is that I’m actually starting to like hanging out with Cassie. Just a few weeks ago, I couldn’t stand her and wanted nothing more than to take her down. Now, we’re working together to take someone else down, and I can’t help but admit that Cassie is a pretty good investigative partner. She’s chill, nice, and funny - and she doesn’t think I’m a bad person.

That’s the other weird thing that’s been happening. Since I started hanging out with Cassie, I’ve started wondering about what other people think of me. Of course, I always wondered if they thought I was the smartest, or the most beautiful, or the most talented. But now, I’m wondering other things: Do they think I’m trustworthy? Do they think I’m manipulative?

When Jenna refused to believe us because I blackmailed her, those thoughts were running through my mind at super speed. Honestly, I’m not mean to people because I purposely want to hurt them. I just don’t want to get hurt myself. I couldn’t help but show a little more emotion than usual (no full-on crying, I promise) and tell Jenna the truth: I just wanted her to be my friend again.

I’m starting to miss those old days, with Cassie and Jenna and Morgan, all playing make-believe in my living room. With a crazy teacher out to get me, a mom who demands nothing less than perfection, and a friend who thinks I’m lying to her, slipping into fantasy life feels more tempting than ever.

Then, I remember Cassie and our mission, and real life seems just a little bit more exciting.

Until next time,