Sissy Sheridan: Most Girls


Sissy Sheridan’s video Most Girls is out now! Check it out and scroll to read what she had to say about her experience putting it all together!

What inspired you to do this song? 

When searching for songs to cover I knew I wanted to do something that was meaningful and shared a positive message. For me, I have always felt that I should use any sort of success for the greater good, and if I have an opportunity to promote a positive message with my platform, I will!  So, when I heard the song Most Girls I knew it was the one for m, as I am super keen on girl power and equality.

How did you come up for the concept for the music video?

It actually took a couple of weeks to solidify a concept. While it was super fun to dream up this "movie," it was tougher than it looked to put it all together - which was a great lesson for me.  I've watched hundreds of music videos never realizing the level of thought and preparation that goes into making them. My Mom and I talked about ideas with director Reel Mike Jones and Michelle Bennet and we came up with something we're all really proud of.  

I was initially inspired by Hailee Steinfeld's original Most Girls video. I wanted my video to add more depth and meaning to the outfit changes. In the video, every time I change into a new outfit/persona, my gal pals write a positive word or message about it whether it be future president or queen! My Mom had the amazing idea to have the word UNSTOPPABLE at the end of the video. I love how the last thing you see is the girls and I hand in hand.

What was the most fun part of filming?

Can I say all of it?!! I'm a teenager who loves performing, so to film my own music video was a dream come true. The entire creative process was exciting as well as having nice, smart, talented girls to share it with. The scenes where we are all goofing off in the bedroom are some of my favorites. It felt so natural to be jamming out with good friends and goofing around and taking selfies. Getting that snapping and swaying all together was tougher than it looked! HAHA!

What's the message you hope viewers take away from it?

I want viewers to see my video and think about how powerful our words and expressions are. When we are mindful about how we perceive people, we are better able to know them for who they are - not judge them based on any look. Stronger Together.  Period.

Can we expect more music from you down the line?

100% yes!  I am currently working on an original song with the wonderful people who helped me produce "Most Girls", Griffith Frank and Esteban Calderón.  I cannot wait for you all to see what I am currently working on and I hope to be releasing my original over the summer!

-anything else at all you want to say?

I want to say thank you to everyone who has and continues to support me and this passion I have.  I love going live and interacting with kids. I read the comments I get on Insta and Youtube - there are so many amazing, talented kids out there!  I thank God for all the gifts I've been given and my family for helping to make it all happen.  

Watch the video here!

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