What Does Your Favorite ‘Stuck’ Character Say About You?


Have you been along for the wild ride that is Stuck? Who’s your favorite character? Scroll to find out what they reveal about you and your unique personality!

Fiona: You are strong, sarcastic, and (some may say) stubborn. You march to the beat of your own drum and demand respect from everyone around you. Your independence can make you feel isolated, but that feeling won’t last forever. It’s tough, but you’re learning you can’t change people and sometimes you need to just go with the flow for good luck to come your way. Keep your dreams big and your heart open, and you’ve got a bright path ahead!

Calvin: You have a big heart and a sunny personality, and you would do anything to make your friends smile. You’re an incredibly loyal friend, so you choose your crew wisely: you’re drawn to dynamic personalities and people with substance. Remember that you can’t always be a listener, and sometimes you need to put your own needs first. Your friends know they’re lucky to have you, so they will stick around even if you’re not always there.  

Jane: At your core, you are kind and generous with good intentions. You tend to get wrapped up in status, popularity, and what others think of you. Keep in mind that real beauty comes from the inside, not the outside, and compassion is just as important as coolness. You’ll find real happiness when you ditch the fake friends and focus on what - and who - makes you feel like your best self.

AJ: Your easygoing nature helps you stay out of drama, but at times your actions can have unintended consequences. You want to make everyone happy, including yourself, which is noble - but not always the easiest path. When it comes to big choices, try not to be impulsive, and consider the emotions of everyone involved before you make decisions. An open mind is your best route to success.

Tara and Lottie: You’re outgoing, fashionable, and super fun to be around. Other people are drawn to you, and you’re comfortable in most social situations. You can be a follower sometimes, so try to find an area in life where you can take on a leadership position. You never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try!

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