Rhyme's Diary Reboot Entry 8


Dear Diary,

You can call me Ms. McAdams now, because I survived my first Teacher Takeover day! It was actually pretty fun being the one in charge, now that I’m getting used to it and everything. I used to be terrified to be a leader, and I bet a year ago I would have freaked out at the idea of standing in front of an entire class of my peers. But being more confident isn’t so bad, especially when it means you get to tell people how you really feel.

Here’s how I really feel: I’m done with Ellie and Rooney. At least, I want to be done with them. It’s one thing to have a crush or relationship (haven’t we all been there before?!) but it’s another thing to lie about it. Since high school started, I’ve realized I can’t stand when people lie to me. It makes me feel like I’m insignificant to them, like our bond was for nothing. How could Ellie talk nonstop about how she was done with Robby, and then secretly date him? And, how could Rooney claim she’s over boys, then kiss Drake behind my back? I mean, I’m not being dramatic: that is seriously shady. How am I supposed to forgive them?

I know - Ellie and Rooney and I have been friends forever, I can’t end the Chicken Girls over some boy drama, we weren’t supposed to fight this semester, blah blah blah. I can basically hear Quinn’s voice in my head. It’s just so much easier to get drama out of my life than to actually confront it, and for right now I just need a break. It doesn’t mean we’ll never be friends again. I just don’t know how we’ll get there.

For now, I’ve got Effie, who is currently rooting through my entire closet for her “makeunder” look. First she told me my ripped jeans weren’t acceptable, and now she’s throwing away my favorite old T-shirt. I’ve got to warn Harmony: I think we may have another diva staying in the McAdams household. Wish me luck!

Lots of love, Rhyme