Diana's Diary Reboot Entry 2



Ugh, you would not believe my life right now.

After I broke up with Julian, he decided to leave (as if he was the one supposed to make decisions in that relationship), and I got stuck with Cassie as my dance partner, and on top of all that, the new history teacher gave everyone an A on the latest quiz. Including Morgan, if you can even believe it. Though I shouldn’t even be thinking about Morgan, considering that she’s still a traitor on our best friendship. For some unknown reason, she continues to subject herself to Eli and his weird film group. I even caught her hanging out with Kate, of all people.

So, back to the history quiz. I stormed into Mr. Lane’s office to let him know exactly how I was feeling, which basically means I yelled in his face about how completely unfair it all was. I mean, I am way smarter than Morgan and pretty much everyone. If everyone gets an A, then I don’t get to feel like I’m better than them. What's the point?

Then, I’m at dance, still fuming over all this and trying to practice with Cassie. Even the dance teacher can clearly tell we’re not friends, but she keeps forcing us together anyway. Cassie kept messing up and I told her to get focused - as usual, I have to take the lead in these sorts of things. When I brought up history, Cassie told me that everyone didn’t get an A after all. She got a B-, and then in class today I think she got a bad grade again. It's kind of odd. Cassie may not be as smart as me, but I know she’s close enough.

I should be happy that my grades are better than Cassie’s, just like I’m happy every time I nail the dance routine and she doesn’t. But something about Miss Dawson just doesn’t seem right. I can’t shake the feeling that I need to figure out what’s at the bottom of all this. But, maybe I shouldn’t get involved in other people’s business. I need to focus on me, and Cassie probably doesn’t want my advice anyway.

Though, who am I kidding, I always have good advice. I just know I should use it to protect myself, instead of letting everyone disappoint me.