What Does Your Favorite On The Ropes Character Reveal About You?


Are you a perfectionist or a rebel? Where do you land among the On The Ropes character spectrum? Scroll to find out what your favorite character reveals about you and your personality!

Sonny: You dream big and work hard to achieve your goals. Despite your courage, you can be a perfectionist and struggle with confidence at times. Remember that you’re more than your outward success - you can also be defined by your inner strength, passion, sincerity, and desire to help others. There are many ways to be a winner, even if you’re not number one.

Jackie: You’ve had tough times in your past, but your future remains bright. Your adventurous spirit and fiery drive have given you the tools you need to find your path and walk it with pride. You’ve learned to guard your heart from loss and drama, but try to practice self-compassion and let others get to know the real you.

Adrienne: You know exactly what your priorities are, and you’re not afraid to let everyone know it. School, success, and your future are on your mind, and you can’t understand why others wouldn’t feel the same way. Compassion isn’t always easy for you, but you have good intentions; just remember to take a deep breath and try listening sometimes.

Noah: You’re a loyal person with a kind heart and an amazing sense of humor. You push others to be their best while staying true to themselves, and that’s what makes you a one-of-a-kind friend. You spend so much time helping others that you can sometimes neglect your own needs, so remember to take time to find your own passions and share them with the world.

Maria: People see you as funny, friendly, and optimistic, but you’re so much more than that. You can see past how people act on the surface to know their true emotions and what they’re really feeling. Your emotional depth is an incredible strength that helps you in your family, friendships, and career - just make sure you’re applying it to your romantic relationships, too. You deserve to be loved, not just left in the friend zone.

Cliff: Drama seems to follow you wherever you go, and you can’t help that you’ve got a mind for risk and a sense of adventure. You’ll do anything to help the people you love, even if it means hurting your future in the process. Just remember that there are other ways to be brave and kind besides finding danger, which can turn a close bond into a toxic relationship.