Brat Goes to the Movies: ‘The Sun is Also a Star’


Last night we joined the cast of The Sun is Also a Star for the Los Angeles premiere at The Grove—and what a night it was! Scroll for a collage of our favorite memories!

Fans lined up hours before the show to get a glimpse of their favorite stars…


Charles Melton signed autographs and posed for countless photos…


As did the very talented Yara Shahidi, dazzling in blue sequins…


As did Ashleigh Murray, who you know as Josie on Riverdale!


Jake Choi—who plays Charlie Bae—stopped to chat with us about his role in the film.

“I play Daniel’s brother, who is played by Charles [Melton], and I think my character brings the conflict and drama to Daniel’s life,“ He told us, “I’m sort of the antagonist in the film. I’m the black sheep of the family who dropped out of college and hung out with the wrong people. This role adds a lot of context to Daniel’s backstory. The director and I were very focused on giving my character layers and really humanizing him instead of playing him as just a one-dimensional bad guy.“


As you most likely know by now, The Sun is Also a Star is based on the book by Nicola Yoon. “I love these characters so much and I’ve spent so much time with them,“ She shared with us, “I’m thrilled to see a movie about these people who I’ve come to love. For me it’s just nice to have more art in the world.”


Twelve-year-old Anais Lee plays Natasha in the flashbacks, and walked the blue carpet with her twin sister, Mirabelle. “Imagine if you had a sleepover with your best friend every night,“ They told us, “That’s what it’s like to have a twin. It’s the best.“

“I play young Natasha,“ Said Anais, “She’s smart, she’s kind, she’s caring. It was really fun portraying her because her personality is actually a lot like mine!“


And of course the night wouldn’t have been complete without a quick chat with our very own Brat family members Indiana Massara, Taylor Mosby, Lilia Buckingham, and the Conrique siblings!


This has been Brat Goes to the Movies—thanks for coming along!