Rhyme's Diary Reboot Entry 10

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Why am I writing to someone who isn’t writing me back?

I guess that’s the question of the day. I’m mostly saying it about T.K., but I suppose it could be about you, too. Seems like I have a talent for picking the people (or diaries) who never know the right thing to say. Just kidding about you, though. These days, I’m actually pretty glad to have a place to let out my innermost rants.

This week’s rant goes to...you guessed it, Ezra. As usual, I was just thinking he had changed, when he goes to prove me wrong. For the past few days, we’ve been texting, talking in school, even flirting a little. Even though it’s Battle of the Classes and we’re in different grades, I was looking forward to any opportunity to hang out with him more. When he won Mr. Attaway for the sophomores, I was genuinely excited for him. I wanted him to want to celebrate with me. I thought he would want to celebrate with me. So I run up and go to give him a hug and what does he do? He gives me the meanest look and accuses me of crushing on Tim Sharp.

I know, right? Paranoid much?! I was so taken off guard I hardly even knew what to say. I mean, could it not be more obvious I’ve been crushing on Ezra?!?! (Harmony, if you read this, you are sworn to secrecy on this one.) Plus, even if Ezra was going to accuse me of betraying him, why wouldn’t he pick Drake...or T.K…or anyone that I’ve actually considered dating since high school started. I mean, my middle school relationship with Tim was nice and all, and he’s a great friend, but I have never even acted like I wanted to date him this year.

Well, here’s why. Ezra couldn’t possibly imagine how I was rising so fast on the Attaway Appeal staff, so his only answer was that Tim and I liked each other. I can’t even begin to explain how mad that makes me. First of all, I’m a good writer. Second of all, I’ve been working extremely hard on my stories. And third of all, I actually really love writing (and I think that shows). After our whole argument about feminism, I can’t believe Ezra would stoop so low to think that Tim couldn’t respect me as a writer without some other relationship. I know he has things going on with his family, but it’s not an excuse to be rude to me like that.

Rant over, I guess. In this week’s good news, I did the egg on the spoon race! I lost, though. But we won tug of war! Feels like it’s time to flop on my bed, put on some Netflix, and pretend like boys (and homework) don’t even exist. Even if you can’t write me back...wish me luck!