Annie LeBlanc: Rhyme's Diary Reboot Entry 11

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Dear Diary,

“Expect the unexpected.” That’s a quote from Tim Sharp, but it’s a lesson I’m learning every day since the start of high school. The surprises just keep coming: some good, some okay, some bad. Like, really bad. Like, “I start dating Ezra just to have everything fall apart 5 minutes later thanks to a stack of love notes from T.K.” bad.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I’ll leave out the part about Effie critiquing my fashion choices (also, Effie - are you reading this diary? How do you know about my letters to T.K.? Do you really know someone in the postal service? Do I have to worry about you and Harmony when it comes to this diary? I have so many questions). Instead, I’ll jump right to the Mr. Attaway competition. When I saw Ezra’s stepmom shouting at him in the hallway, I knew I had to reach out and start talking to him. Sure, I was mad at him about the whole Tim Sharp comment, but it tugged at my heart to see him so upset. Hearing him say those things about his family made me realize how much he was going through. His words from last week still stung, but my gut was telling me to put my anger aside and forgive him.

I thought that was going to be it - a quick gesture of friendship, and we’d go back to how it was before. But, that wasn’t the end of the story. Ezra decided to use his question round in the competition to talk about how much he liked me, and apologize for how he acted before. He didn’t say my name, but everyone knew he was talking about us - on live TV, in front of the entire school. If that was anyone else, I would’ve been embarrassed. Instead, I felt happier than I’ve felt in a really long time.

The happiness continued all the way to Junior’s, and it really felt like something magical was in the air. I know that sounds so cheesy (Effie, please don’t be reading this) but it’s true. It just felt like anything could happen, even the unexpected. I thought that surprise was when Ezra showed up and asked me out (with some prodding by my friends, of course). It turned out the biggest surprise was just minutes away…

Birdie walked into Junior’s and announced she was here to stay. In that moment, it felt like I was split in two. Half of me couldn’t be more excited to be standing next to Ezra, holding hands and finally starting a relationship (and to have Birdie back with the Chicken Girls). The other half of me couldn’t help but wonder if T.K. was back too, and what that would mean for our future together.

Well, I didn’t have to wonder about either thing. T.K. isn’t coming back, but Birdie brought back his letters. Lots of them. And when Ezra opened one, he walked out of Junior’s, and all those feelings of magic went away.

How’s that for unexpected? Yet, as surprising as today was, I have a feeling that the drama is only just beginning. Wish me luck!

Lots of love,