Autumn's Weekly Horoscope 5/27


Whether we like it or not, it’s Monday, and time for the week to begin. And if it’s going to begin, it might as well begin with some lovely little horoscopes, right?

Anxious, excited, or just plain curious about what this week has in store for you? Scroll to read what the cosmos have to say about it!

Gemini: Instead of focusing on one thing, you’re happy bouncing from project to project this week. Let yourself have fun experimenting with all of life’s options, and don’t be hard on yourself for not finishing what you started—let this week be about the pure discovery of it all!

Cancer: Some drama/chaos in your family life may have you feeling on edge. Try going on a walk or putting on your headphones to take a break from it all, and know that it’s okay to feel frustrated. As long as you treat people (and yourself) with respect, you’re doing your part to keep the peace.

Leo: You may not feel like socializing this week, but it’s important that you make your way to a small event or gathering at some point. You’re likely to meet someone who will become an important part of your life, and you’ll be thankful that you went out!

Virgo: A small fight with a friend will get you thinking about your values and what really matters to you. Be kind to and gentle with your loved ones, and these relationships will be sure to blossom into something more beautiful than you ever imagined.

Libra: Celebrate your artistic side this week. You have an eye for beauty and a skill that deserves to be unleashed. Take yourself to a museum or art gallery to get inspired, then create something that comes from your heart!

Scorpio: Your wants and needs may clash with those of a close friend’s this week. Though you may feel frustrated, it’s important to practice patience and compromise. If you stay calm and hear your friend out, they’re likely to give you the same treatment.

Sagittarius: Be patient and prepare before taking action. You may have big ideas about tasks, chores, or projects that need to get done, but this week it’s important you meditate and mull it over in that big brain of yours. You will be much happier with the outcome this way!

Capricorn: If you’re feeling resentful or angry this week, take some space from your friends and family and do something that makes you purely happy. Take yourself to a movie, ride your bike, go for a swim—any of these self-care actions will be more productive for your mental health than starting a fight.

Aquarius: It’s important that you reach out and connect with someone special this week. Without our friends and family, life can be very lonely, and we can lose sight of what really matters in life: love.

Pisces: Your challenge this week is finding balance. You may feel tempted to throw yourself headfirst into your studies, or abandon them altogether for fun and carelessness, but try instead to do a healthy amount of both. Work hard but take breaks, and always make time to relax and reboot!

Aries: Your ego is not your friend this week, and it’s in your best interest to throw it aside. That little voice that sometimes tells you you’re better than everyone else and other times tells you you’ll never be as good as everyone else just wants to see you unhappy. Remind yourself that you’re not better than anybody, and nobody is better than you—this is how to prime yourself for a happier mood!

Taurus: Get moving this week with any physical exercise activity that makes you happy! Grab a friend and go for a run, a swim, a bike ride, or even just a long walk on the beach. Participating in life will feel good, and so will bonding with a friend!

Come back next week for more wisdom from above!