Diana's Diary Reboot Entry 9



I’m not one for hugs, but I have to admit it feels good to be cared about. And to have my friends back. And in a way, it doesn’t just feel like I have them back, but like I actually have them for the first time. Does that make any sense? Because, it’s like, when you’re bossing everyone around and trying to control everything all the time, ruling with ice and fire, people don’t love you, they’re just afraid of you. When I was in my old ways, I never knew who my friends were and who just hung around out of fear of being steamrolled. Now I know I have a real team in my corner, people who like me for me, friends who accept me, flaws and all. Morgan, Jenna, Kate, and even Cassie. Maybe even especially Cassie. Girls, if you ever read this, please know how sorry I am for how I treated you in the past. I hope one day I have the strength to apologize to your faces.


Diary, I was so wrong about Cassie. I blamed her for my parents splitting up, but nobody is that powerful. I was in so much denial and needed so badly to have a simple explanation for something that’s just too complicated. So I made Cassie the bad guy when really she has nothing but good intentions in her heart. Yeah, I could learn a lot from her. She’s so…selfless. First she completely took the fall for Jenna’s shoplifting, then she rallied the troops to save Jenna from Miss Dawson’s vengeful clutches. In fact, if it weren’t for Cassie, Miss Dawson could have ruined my life too. Wow, is Cassie my…role model? Life comes at you fast!

Anyway, maybe being suspended wasn't such a bad thing after all. It gave me time to think and get my priorities in order. I’ve spent so much time trying to be a princess that I’ve never made time to just be plain old good to people. I can’t wait for the next chapter of my life in which I’ll be test-driving the new me. Stay tuned!