Style With Sissy Sheridan


Hey, it's Sissy here, and this is my new article: DUPE OF THE WEEK!

Every week I'm gonna show you guys where you can find an outfit of mine, plus a dupe for one of the items!  

What’s a dupe, you ask? Let’s check the dictionary!




Deceive; trick

So, when I give you dupes every week, I’m giving you tricks for how to get the best styles for the cheapest prices! Are you ready?


It appears the earliest mention of ‘FISHNET’ being worn as clothing appears in Grimms' Fairy Tales book in 1815. There is general agreement in the fashion world that the first time they appeared in real life was in Paris, France either at the Moulin Rouge or the Paris Opera where they first appeared on dancers.

Fishnet has been worn different ways over the decades. Women first wore it on their legs but it eventually evolved to be worn as gloves, shirts, and even dresses. The traditional color is black - but today is seen in every color of the rainbow - and even rainbow itself! Try wearing neon fishnet tights under ripped denim jeans for a cool summer look.

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