Autumn's Weekly Horoscope -‘Total Eclipse’ Edition


Hey guys, Autumn here with your weekly horoscope. It’s a new month and a new me (and a new you?), so I’m switching things up a bit. For today’s horoscope, you tell me your sign, and I’ll tell you which Total Eclipse character you are! Ready, set, GO!

Taurus: You are Finch. Just like Jenna’s superhero alter ego, you are responsible, determined, and devoted to your cause. You can’t save the world alone, so remember to ask for help when you need it.

Gemini: You are Morgan. You’re kind, genuine, and you wear your heart on your sleeve. Be sure to stand up for yourself when you feel wronged, and don’t let your nerves or desire to please others hold you back.

Cancer: You are Cassie. Your moody tendencies are paired with a strong sense of empathy and incredible loyalty to the people around you. Get out of your head once in awhile, there’s a whole world to explore!

Leo: You are Sam. You’re incredibly creative and passionate, which will help you achieve your dreams. When it comes to relationships with others, you can let your stubborn streak hold you back at times.

Virgo: You are Spencer. You work hard and pursue your goals with a practical mindset. However, sometimes you can be too critical of others and yourself, so try to lighten up and avoid overanalyzing everything.

Libra: You are Mr. Lane. Like Millwood’s beloved vice principal, you are friendly, enthusiastic, and help others work together when they disagree. You tend to avoid confrontation, so remember that everyone doesn’t have to agree all the time.

Scorpio: You are Diana. Your brave and passionate qualities make you an amazing friend, though you can let your jealous and secretive side hold you back from true friendship. Try letting your guard down and trusting someone to create an authentic bond.

Sagittarius: You are Scott. You’re a true leader with a knack for creating change and guiding people to their true potential. Remember that you can’t change everyone - sometimes you need to step back, show support, and be patient.

Capricorn: You are Eli. You’re intelligent, responsible, and disciplined, which will help you go far in life. Try to keep an open mind when it comes to other people, and remember that intelligence comes in many different forms.

Aquarius: You are Jenna. Just like Millwood’s talented artist, you’re authentic, original, and independent - there’s nobody quite like you. Remember that it’s okay to share your talents and vulnerabilities with the world, and you don’t have to keep everything private.

Pisces: You are Kate. You’re a dreamer with a sense of adventure and idealism. Your artistic side will guide your future path, but it’s your compassion for others that will help you truly succeed and find happiness. Use your intuition to help others and your life will flourish.

Aries: You are Autumn. Your honesty and leadership draw others to you, but you sometimes use your temper and impulsiveness to push them away. You’ve been through a lot, but your determination and courage always gets you through.

Come back next week for more wisdom from above!