Rhyme's Diary Reboot Entry 9



Another week has passed, and the Chicken Girls are back together. I bet you aren’t surprised - I mean, we are a pretty unbreakable girl gang, if I do say so myself. I knew I’d be friends with Ellie and Rooney again eventually, I just didn’t know how I’d get there. I felt like something was holding me back, but I couldn’t figure out just what it was. Well, seven days later, and who knew it would take an Escape Room to get to the bottom of everything I’ve been feeling.

When Quinn brought us all together, I felt like I wasn’t ready at first. I’ve spent the past week trying to forget the surprise of seeing Drake and Rooney kiss, not to mention the shock of Ellie 2.0 being a total facade. It’s enough to get through my own life without feeling the pain of being lied to by my best friends.

It wasn’t until I broke down my walls and opened up to Ellie and Rooney that I actually figured out what was going on (Luna and I did yell at them first, but we don’t need to talk about that part). I felt more than betrayed, I felt disappointed. I realized that Ellie and Rooney had broken my trust: not just about the guys they liked, but about the fact that we were supposed to be single and independent together. Having my friends in the same boat as me was making me feel like I could get through with Ezra and T.K. ignoring me, and that I could come out on the other side a stronger Rhyme. With Ellie running back to Robbie and Rooney sneaking around with Drake, it was like I couldn’t trust anyone. I couldn’t even trust that I was going to be okay.

Here’s what I realized in the Escape Room. Trust isn’t just about telling other people the truth (though that’s pretty important). It’s about trusting that my friends are good people, even if they made some mistakes. It’s about trusting that Ezra may actually care about me, even if he ghosted me before. It’s about trusting that letting go of T.K. might be the best thing I can do for my future. Most of all, it’s about having faith in myself, and knowing that everything is going to be okay.

Note to future Rhyme: if you ever want to learn some big life lessons, try an Escape Room with your best friends. Now, it’s time to get my homework done and try to write a letter to T.K. and try to craft the perfect text back to Ezra. Wish me luck!