Talking ‘Jo’ Season 3


A Girl Named Jo returns to Brat TODAY at 3PM! To prepare, we sat down with the cast and got the 411 on this upcoming season. Scroll for the juicy details!

How does your character change this season?

Taylor Mosby: She learns more about herself and about Jo. She learns what she’s capable of even if she’s in a new place, she’s not limited by her surrounings.

Bella Shepard: Alice had a pretty big character arc in Season 2, and she continues to discover that side of her self in Season 3. She’s learning how to be a good person, making friends and learning how to be open-minded and inclusive. 

Terrell Ransom Jr.: Dwight develops a new sense of confidence this season. He goes through a lot of changes, but that’s possibly his most significant one.

Addison Riecke: Cathy goes through a lot of changes this season…I don’t want to say too much and accidentally give away spoilers! You’ll have to just watch and see!

What was the most fun you had shooting this season?

Taylor Mosby: Filming the world fair!

Bella Shepard: Promo day! For sure. 

Terrell Ransom Jr.: The big party scene was really fun to film. At the coutnry club. At first it was super awkward and then we all started having fun and dancing.

Addison Riecke: Today was really fun. Promo day. We shot in the morning and there’s a ping pong table and snacks and it’s been really cool. 

What was the biggest challenge you faced while filming?

Taylor Mosby: Arguing with Jo--we’re supposed to be mad at each other but it’s hard to play that since we like each other so much in real life.

Bella Shepard: Any time my character is mean to Cathy or Jo, because in real life I like them so much and we’re all good friends.

Terrell Ransom Jr.: Trying to slowdance with Addison when nobody else was on the dance floor. It was awkward. Kind of funny at the same time.

Addison Riecke: We shot some scenes at a mortuary and it’s kind of hard to be around the graves and not get distracted. When you watch it you won’t be able to tell that we’re actually shooting around dead people…kinda creepy.

What was one thing you learned about life in the 60s this season?

Taylor Mosby: I learned that things weren’t just handed to black people at the time, you had to work twice as hard--you still do now but then it was even harder.

Bella Shepard: It was a big time for major social issues, so being able to dive into that in the script helped me see it from the point of view of someone who was actually living in that time. It puts things into deeper perspective than just learning it in history class. 

Terrell Ransom Jr.: We already know there were serious racial tensions and that black people were treated as less-than-human, but acting out that time period made it feel more real.

Addison Riecke: A lot… we talk a lot about racial tensions and how prevalent it was back then but I think for people our age it’s hard to have a real understanding of what actually went on. So I learned what it was really like for people my age to grow up in a time that was so racially tense and oppressive. 

Describe this season in three words:

Taylor Mosby: Exciting, fresh, suspenseful.

Bella Shepard: Intense, fun, unity. 

Terrell Ransom Jr.: Dramatic, captivating, fun!

Addison Riecke: Crazy, conclusive, Summer. 

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