Cassie's Crafts Corner: Summer Sneakers


I’m back! Last week, we learned how to make wish bracelets, and this week I’m keeping it low-key with another summer craft. Add some unique style to your summer look with these DIY canvas sneakers!

The best news: this project only requires two materials (of course, you can get fancier if you want, but I’m all for simplicity). These sneakers are the perfect gift for your sister who’s graduating, your BFF who loves neon colors, or for yourself - because you deserve it.


Easy Breezy Instructions

  1. Take out your sneakers and lay down some newspaper (or work outside!).

  2. Use pencil to sketch out your design. For inspiration, try floral prints, summer beach scenes, or the logo of a school or sports team.

  3. Open up your paint markers. Follow the instructions to see if you need to shake them up first.

  4. Color your design to your heart’s content!

  5. Let your sneakers dry before wearing them out on the town or wrapping them up as a gift.

What do you want to make next week? Tell me at!