Talking Crown Lake


Brat’s newest show Crown Lake premiers June 20th—it’s right around the corner! We sat down with the cast to learn about this 1990s boarding school extravaganza. Here’s what you need to know:

What makes this show special?

Kyla: The writing makes this show special. Sara [Shepard] does an excellent job when adding suspense and mystery to the scripts. Everything is said and done for a specific reason.

Glory: The special thing about this show is it takes your average high school drama and flips it on its head. You can never predict anything and never know what happens next, so no matter how much you think you have it figured out, chances are you’re about to be proven wrong. And the great part is that amidst all the rumors and chaos you still get to see some very unique, yet very strong friendships form.

Mia: The amazing cast and crew!

Emily: I’m a huge Pretty Little Liars fan so it was so amazing to get to work with Sara Shepard on another show she created. Also, I loved working with this cast. They were all so talented and we had so much fun together.

Oliver: The people!

What’s your favorite memory from set?

Kyla: My favorite memory from set would be watching and reenacting funny videos with the cast. 

Glory: One week we were filming on location and all of us in the cast were hanging out inside a small building just off the set. We were standing and talking next to this random empty coffin that had a tarp over it, and while we weren’t looking, John, the production manager for the show, had snuck behind it. Someone had just mentioned how creepy the coffin was and how crazy it would be if someone popped out of it, and we were all staring at it when, right at that moment, hiding behind it, John yanked the tarp off the coffin, leaving all of us screaming, and sending a few of us running. Soon after, we were all cracking up over it. Definitely one for the books.

Mia: Just getting to know everyone!

Emily: My favorite memory from set is when we were filming in a house that was definitely haunted. We were all exploring at lunch, when Francesca and I pushed a button and a hidden elevator rose up from the ground. We were trying desperately to try and figure out how to get it to go back down, but couldn’t, so we just ran. 

Oliver: Last day of shooting when Lucas and I hung out and listened to music.

What’s your favorite thing from the 90s (movie, tv, music, style)?

Kyla: My favorite thing from the 90s would have to be the iconic, big, voluptuous hair!!!

Glory: The games were great; so many classics came out of the 90s! New Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Sonic, not to mention Pokemon was at the height of its popularity. Nintendo was definitely in its prime. But come on- choose just one favorite thing? As if! The slang was definitely full of gems. It was so cool! I still use some of it today but people look at me funny. We should definitely bring the slang back.

Mia: The crazy hair and makeup!

Emily: I honestly love all of those things. Clueless, Pulp Fiction, and Ten Things I Hate About You are three of my favorite 90s movies. I also love 90s music, especially Nirvana, Beck, Weezer. And 90s style is also so cute. I am so happy that it is coming back, especially the butterfly clips!

Oliver: Music because it influences everything else.  I have an entire 90’s playlist that I listened to every day before I went to set.

How are you most like your character?

Kyla: I’m most like Tiffany because we both are smart and have a soft side for our families. 

Glory: Becca is a big social butterfly and I can relate to that in a few ways. She sort of knows everybody and everything about everybody and I like to try to stay updated on everything that’s happening with my friends, people I talk to, and even people I just met so I can have genuine conversations with them about stuff that’s happening in their lives.

Mia: My character loves makeup and so do I!

Emily: I’m most like my character in that neither of us care too much about fitting in. We both share similar beliefs, for example not trying to be something you’re not just to please someone else. I also think Chloe and I share the same dry, sarcastic sense of humor! And although both Chloe and I tend to be more introverted, we can still stand up in front of a crowd with confidence and perform. 

Oliver: I’m always looking out for the underdog.

How are you different from your character?

Kyla: I’m different than Tiffany because she’s overly confident when it comes to boys. She literally declares ownership over guys, whereas I’m more laid back. LOL! 

Glory: While Becca is a good friend most of the time, she definitely can’t keep a secret. That’s one big difference between us. If you ask me to keep a secret, you can trust that it will go with me to my grave.

Mia: My character is really mean in the show and I’m the complete opposite of that!

Emily: We definitely dress very differently as I prefer bright, happy colors and vibrant unique clothing and Chloe tends to feel most comfortable in a darker, more gothic vibe. Chloe is more intimidating than I am; and as far as our personalities go, she tends to hold in her anger and resentment while I tend to just let it go and embrace the positivity in my life! 

Describe this season in one word...

Kyla: Secretive.

Glory: Mystifying.

Emily: Mysterious.

Mia: Mind-blowing!

Oliver: Mysterious.

Watch the premier of Crown Lake next Thursday June 20th at 3PM!