What Does Your Favorite ‘Red Ruby’ Character Say About You?


Who’s your favorite Red Ruby character? More importantly, what do they say about your personality? Scroll to find out now!

Ruby: You are deeply sensitive with a big heart. Be careful who you give your trust (and love) to, because the wrong people can take advantage of your kindness. When it comes to finding the right relationship, your intuition will lead you in the right direction.

Theo: Your wit and intelligence get you far in life, but it’s your loyalty that is your best quality. Stay honest with the people around you and you’ll form close bonds. Don’t hold back from your true leadership potential, because you are stronger and more resilient than you may think.

Amber: Independent and self-possessed, you are a person who naturally rises to power. At your best, you can influence others to create lasting change. But if you let your insecurities get the best of you, you may find yourself going down the wrong path.

Flora: You are incredibly passionate about your beliefs and willing to fight for what is right. Others are drawn to your dynamism and idealism, but even those who challenge you can enrich your life. Don’t be afraid of a healthy disagreement - it’ll open your mind and deepen your understanding.

Maisie: Others see you as quiet and unassuming, but you know you’ve got plenty going on below the surface. You don’t see much value in small talk, and prefer big ideas and intense conversations. Try not to push others away; instead, be authentic and vulnerable with people you can trust.

Ian: From your hobbies to your fashion sense, you are truly an individual. You lead the way with dominance, and don’t often look back to see who is following. When it comes to relationships, you demand an equal by your side, so keep in mind that you’ll never find true love through intimidation.

Maya: You’ve been through a lot of ups and downs in your life, but the things you’ve overcome have only made you stronger. You’re a complex person; not everyone can understand you, but the right people will. Open your heart, turn your pain into passion, and know that you’re more than your past.

Charlie: You are confident, assertive, and talented, so your journey has been pretty easy so far. There are bumps ahead on your road, but you can get through it by trusting your instincts and letting your guard down. Someone you previously discounted may surprise you by being your greatest support.

Annabelle: You’ve recently gone through some big life changes that have given you a new outlook. Take your time to adjust to your new reality: though life won’t be the same again, you can rely on your kind nature and the people around you to get you through.

Red Ruby is over for now, but we’ll you next season!