Cassie's Crafts Corner: Personalized Journals


Greetings earthlings, it’s me, Cassie! Maybe one day I’ll make it to the moon, but while I’m here on Earth I’m making the best of it with some fun Summer crafts! For now I guess that’ll be my “thang”. Read on to learn how to make your own personalized journal!


Easy Breezy Instructions

• Pick your pattern! Any pattern will do, whatever makes you happy!

• Open the notebook at the halfway point, and place it open face down on a table.

• Cut a strip of tape just slightly longer than the vertical length of the notebook.

• Place the strip down vertically onto the edge of the notebook (the part furthest from the spine) and wrap the excess tape over the top and bottom of the notebook.

• Repeat until both the front and back of the notebook are covered.

• Cut a strip of tape that is the exact length of but slightly wider than the spine.

• Carefully line it up with the spine and press it down.

• Ta-da! Your notebook is complete and ready to be written in!

Don’t forget to have fun with it!

What do you want to make next week? Tell me at!