Francesca Capaldi: Nellie's Diary Entry 2



I suppose I told you that Crown Lake would be an adventure, and well, it’s already coming true. Today has been full of surprises: I made a friend, made a horrible mistake, nearly lost that friend, and got in a giant fight with my roommate. Oh, and I even got detention. 

Before you start to think this place is changing me, it wasn’t all my decision. You see, I decided to take the advice from Tiffany’s old roommate Heather Masterson. Yes, I let a journal control my actions. Don’t judge me though - Crown Lake is hard. It felt kind of nice to have someone else guiding what I was doing. For the first time in forever, it felt like I could actually take a second to relax (as long as I didn’t look the Headmistress in the eye, forget to show school spirit, or eat the pudding, of course). I even signed up for yearbook, which I think would have made Mom proud. 

Something that wouldn’t make Mom so proud of me: how I treated Chloe. Heather’s journal said that gossip was currency in this place, so I followed her lead to the cross-country coach. I couldn’t believe it when I saw him with Chloe, but what choice did I have?! Plus, it’s not like Chloe and I have been best friends forever or anything. Maybe she was only talking to me because she felt bad for the new girl, or so I’d keep her secret. Though, even as I say that, I know it’s false. Chloe actually seems cool, and I think she really likes me. I can’t believe I jumped to conclusions and put an untrue rumor about her on the gossip wall. It’s just that Heather said that gossip is currency...and oh boy do I need some currency here.

Speaking of boys, there’s Ryan. Which would be cool, except with Ryan now comes Tiffany. She seems determined to knock me down, which makes me feel like I want even more power over her. I don’t want to be another ex-roommate, kicked to the curb like Heather. Though, I wonder if I follow Heather’s advice, if I can really succeed here.

As I decide what to do, I guess I’ll come up with some rules of my own: Be friends with Chloe. Try not to spread gossip, if you can help it. Eat the pudding. And never, ever, ever come close to letting my guard down around Tiffany. As if!