Crown Lake Crafts: Make Your Own Journal


When Nellie finds Heather Masterson’s journal in her dorm room at Crown Lake Academy, her entire world changes. Now, she has access to Heather’s experiences, thoughts, and advice to get her through all her struggles—teachers, friendships, and of course, difficult roommates. 

Ever thought journaling would be the perfect hobby for you? We’ve got everything you need to start your own Crown Lake journal, so let’s do it! 


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Step 1:

Get a blank journal. Make sure it has lots of pages (for all your secrets) and that it’s sturdy enough to travel with you.

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Step 2:

Decorate your journal. Whether you use contact paper, bumper stickers, or gel pen doodles, make sure your journal is one-of-a-kind and shows your unique personality.

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Step 3:

Start writing! Not sure where to begin? Check out our Crown Lake writing prompts below...


Prompt 1: Record a memory from each day. 

Want to remember all the special moments from this year? Jot down a single moment from each day that stood out to you. You’ll soon see what (or who) has become important in your life.

Prompt 2: Give advice to someone a year younger than you.

Heather’s journal is helping Nellie get through all the drama of Crown Lake. Use your experiences to educate and support someone who will be in your position in the future. 

Prompt 3: Let out your emotions.

The girls of Crown Lake struggle with their pasts, even as they stay focused on the present. In your journal, you can write about the emotions that are on your mind—and try to let go of negative feelings.