DIY With Rhyme: Summer Edition


Hi friends, Rhyme here with your Summer dose of DIY! Looking for a way to 1. be creative, 2. have fun, AND 3. cool down all at once? Look no further than my newest project: the water balloon piñata.

YES, you heard me, I said WATER BALLOON PIÑATA! Now, are you ready or are you ready?!

All you need is…

Got your materials? Great! Now all you have to do is…

• Before you get to work on the water balloons, find a spot outside where you can hang the piñata. Between two trees or porch beams, for example, will work nicely.

• Fill at least seven balloons with water and tie them, then place them gently in a bucket while they wait to be hung up. Note: the fuller they are filled, the easier they will break.

• Cut a piece of string about 40 inches long and tie each balloon securely to the string. Keep each balloon about two inches apart, and leave the last twelve inches of string on each side free.

• Tie the ends of the string to whatever structure you’ve chosen as tightly as you can. Make sure it’s high enough that it will be a fun challenge to burst the balloons, but not so high that it’s impossible or dangerous. Note: the water balloon piñata will be heavy, so have your friends join together in the effort when stringing it up!

• Start swinging!

That’s all there is to it! Send us your water balloon piñata pics at for a chance to be featured on the site!