Style With Sissy Sheridan


Hey, it's Sissy here, and this is my new article: DUPE OF THE WEEK!

Every week I'm gonna show you guys where you can find an outfit of mine, plus a dupe for one of the items!  

What’s a dupe, you ask? Let’s check the dictionary!




Deceive; trick

So, when I give you dupes every week, I’m giving you tricks for how to get the best styles for the cheapest prices! Are you ready?


Cargo pants were first worn in 1938 by the British military. The original cargo pants featured one pocket on the side thigh and one on the front hip. They were first worn in the United States on military uniforms in the 1940s. The side cargo pockets initially were only on paratroopers’ uniforms, providing them with easy access to ammunition and radios.

Cargo pants surged onto the fashion scene in the mid-to-late 1990s and were first worn by hip-hop performers. This trend flowed up to the mass market and cargo pants could be found at almost any men's or women's clothing store. Today you can find them in any color or fabric including the corduroy ones I am wearing.

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