A Day In The Life of Annie LeBlanc


What’s it like to be Annie LeBlanc?

We got a glimpse into Annie’s mind during a typical day of filming Brat’s summer movie, Intern-In-Chief—which premieres today, August 23!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!



A typical set day begins super early, especially with a call time of 8 a.m. “I wake up, get dressed, and head right over to set,” Annie said. “It can take over an hour to get to set because of LA traffic.”

Ready for a long day: When she gets to set at 8, Annie’s prepped for a long day ahead—she usually spends 9 and a half hours on set!


Up next: “It’s time to eat breakfast, look over my schedule to see how many scenes I have, and then start school. Even though I’m filming a summer movie, I have to do 3 hours of school while I’m on set!”

Don’t worry, it’s not all bad: “It’s a good time to catch up and make sure I’m on track,” Annie told us.

Now, it’s time for hair and makeup (and it’s not even lunchtime yet). “This is usually where I see my friends from the cast getting ready, too,” Annie said. “I quickly catch up with Indiana, Kianna, and Riley before sitting in hair and makeup and getting transformed into Rhyme McAdams.”

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After all that time getting ready, it’s finally time to film! “When I’m not filming, I hang out backstage,” Annie said. “Sometimes doing schoolwork, sometimes catching up with my friends, sometimes looking over my lines, sometimes just zoning out and looking at my phone…Every day is different!'“

What was Annie’s favorite scene to film? “I really enjoyed filming the fashion show,” she told us.

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Intern-In-Chief Fast Facts

Annie spent the most time with: Kianna
Funniest scene?: “Everybody got a good laugh from the falling scene,” Annie said.
How long does a scene take to film?: 45 minutes to an hour
Behind the scenes: “Riley and I love to try the desserts they have on set,” Annie told us. “Sometimes they’re delicious, and sometimes they’re just, well, interesting…”



“When I’m finished filming, I take off some of my Rhyme makeup and change back into my normal clothes,” said Annie. “This is a super crazy part of the day, because they name the people who are wrapped and everyone just runs to go get changed.”


“Aaand we’re done. Time to run errands, hang with friends, or usually just head home to get to bed early and prepare for another day of filming! Thanks for hanging with me!”

XOXO, Annie