Happy Birthday Hayley!


It’s Hayley LeBlanc’s 11th birthday!

In honor of her special day, let’s take a walk down memory lane…

Hayley as Harmony

Hayley plays the quirky, fearless, hilarious, talented and much-beloved Harmony on Brat’s Chicken Girls and MANI. She’s been through it all—BFF drama, family bonding, crushes, and even starring in her own TV show—and she’s ready for even more ups and downs when Season 5 of Chicken Girls premieres September 3.

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Throwback Hayley

Before Hayley was the star we know today, she was just a regular kid living her life—with some of her best moments captured on her family’s YouTube channel Bratayley. Press play on the clip above to see one of her favorite throwback vids!

What would Hayley tell someone who thinks her life is perfect? "It’s not perfect. It’s very messy. I’m a normal girl and some people seem not to understand that,” she told Brat last year.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 10.19.24 AM.png

Fast Facts


What year was Hayley born? 2008.
What’s Hayley’s middle name? Noelle.
Where was Hayley born? Texas.
What characters has Hayley played on Brat? Harmony, Jazzy…oh, and Hank!

We’re wishing Hayley the happiest birthday!