Rhyme's Diary: A New Year, A New Me


I’m sorry I’m a few days late. Well, really a whole summer late. I have so much to write about that I hardly even know where to start. Isn’t that weird? When you procrastinate something you really want to do because you just want it to be perfect. That’s the hard thing about writing. You want it to capture the moment—but some moments, some feelings, are too big to be captured. Until you have time to process, at least.

In some ways, it feels like I’m getting too old to write in a diary. I remember back in middle school, when I’d run home from school and quickly jot some thoughts down in here before I’d head to Ellie’s to make up a Chicken Girls dance, or downstairs to bake cupcakes with Mom and Harmony…or over to T.K.’s house to ride bikes and talk. Honestly, that’s who I was mostly writing about back then: T.K. Crushing on him, thinking about him, wondering if he’d ever like me back. The truth is, those days seem like so long ago. Now Harmony’s the one in middle school, and writing isn’t just for diaries anymore. It’s kind of my thing now.

This week was the first day of school, and I’m going to be real, it was the first first day of school that I didn’t think about how things used to be. Last year, I was obsessed with wanting things to go back to the way they were. Chicken Girls all together, T.K. living in Attaway, Harmony being a little kid, and the biggest drama being about who was going to make the dance team.

That all seems so far away now. And if I’m being truthful? Those were good times, sure, but they were easy times. I was younger, quieter, less thoughtful. I didn’t know the difference between infatuation and actual love. (Not that I’m totally there yet, but you know, I’m learning). I don’t mind that things are more dramatic, more complex now. Actually, I kind of welcome it.


Speaking of welcoming: There are two new faces in Attaway this year. Well, I’m sure there are plenty of new kids, but there are two that I actually care about. The first is the cutest guy I think I’ve ever seen. I almost wanted to say “dreamiest guy I’ve ever seen” but that kind of made me cringe. Like, I’m not some lovestruck girl in an old movie…but, let’s be real, that’s kind of how I felt the moment I saw him.

I know, I know. You’re thinking: “Seriously, Rhyme, another crush?!” First it was Tim, then T.K., then Drake, then Ezra, and probably someone I’m forgetting in between. And now it’s someone new. But so much has changed in the past few years. I’ve changed so much. Back in eighth grade, I just slipped into the background, and now it’s sophomore year and I’m ready to stand out. I mean, I was an intern at Trés Chic! It kind of makes sense that my taste in crushes would change, too. How many people actually grow up to marry their middle school boyfriend?

Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about marriage or anything. Just a new person to capture my thoughts…that’s all.

Oh, and the other new face in Attaway? It’s Astrid. Like, cousin Astrid. More on that later…Wish me luck!


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