Crown Lake: Get to Know Glory Curda

I love being on set because is that it’s like getting to hang out with family and friends all day long. A lot of bonding happens over the course of a show and the more time I get to spend on set, the more fun I have being there…

Kyla-Drew: The 411

I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry at the age of four. I wanted to be a triple threat: singing, dancing, and acting. I started as a competitive dancer, I loved performing on stage and entertaining people…

Oliver Walters: The 411

I’ve always admired the work that actors do, especially my Mom who is an actress and a very big influence for me…


Ysa Penarejo: Dress Like Maisie

Costume Designer Melanie Bauer says, “A velvet ringer tee and overalls was always an easy go to. I wanted to bring that look back with a colored denim jacket because underground caves are cold!”

Sophie Ferguson: Dress Like Camp Karma Meadow Goth Girl

Goth Girl’s look has gone through some changes (never forget G-Baby). As we speak, she’s keeping it goth while rocking a camp uniform. Get her goth camper look in four easy pieces!

Madisyn Shipman: Dress Like Flora

Flora is out to save the planet and looks chic while doing it! Get her environmental activist outfit in four easy pieces!


Hey Harmony

I have a friend who cheats on tests...


Daniella Perkins: Ruby's 90s Playlist

Ruby is a vampire living in the present, but because she became a vampire in the 90s, she will always be a teenager in that decade. Wanna get in on the 90s vibes?

Francesca Capaldi: Nellie's Boarding School Blues Playlist

Last week the drama at Crown Lake got so rough that Nellie decided to go home to Attaway. But with the help of her Boarding School Blues playlist, she found her inner strength to return and face the haters.

Rhyme's Rainy Day Playlist

Summer is around the corner, but sometimes you still find yourself right in the middle of a rainy day! Embrace the weather and make the most of the rain with Rhyme’s top ten favorite rainy day songs!


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Are You Rhyme, Cassie, or Zoe?

Rhyme, Cassie, or Zoe? Find out which of these amazing characters is your soulmate—then watch these three shine all fall long on Brat.

Do You Know Your Season Premiere Trivia?

Last week marked the season premieres of three Brat shows: Chicken Girls, Zoe Valentine, and Total Eclipse.

Did you keep up with all the drama?

Which Zoe Valentine Character are you?

Are you a Zoe, Brody, Isaac, or Autumn? Find out which Zoe Valentine character matches your personality in our latest quiz, then catch Zoe Valentine every Wednesday this fall on Brat.

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Sequin Sparkle

Sequins and Sparkles. Need we say more?